1000mA & 1500mA LiPo/Li-Fe Charger for 2S/3S LiPo & LiFePO4 Batteries (Complete with PSU)

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Excellent, simple to use charger, switchable between
Lipo (lithium polymer) & LiFe (lithium ferrite) battery
types, auto shut down once charged.

Supplied complete with mains power supply.


Extremely versatile, high quality design, with the following features:

  • Charges 2 - 3 cell Lipo (lithium polymer) battery packs (7.4V - 11.1V) at 1,000mA.
  • Charges 2 - 3 cell LiFe (lithium ferrite) battery packs (6.6V - 9.9V) at 1,500mA
  • Automatically switches off once battery is charged
  • Supplied with external 12V dc 2A mains power supply.

Simple operation.

  • Red light shows power connected. 
  • Flashing green light shows battery charging
  • Static green light shows charging complete.
  • Red & green light flashing shows error - incorrect battery type / too low voltage etc.
  • Supplied with our own (written in English!) instructions.