Big Foot Glock Carbine kit

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Innovative carbine kit for gas blow-back Glock airsoft pistols. It connects to the lower rail and locks onto the trigger guard and grip, giving the pistol a stylish look with the added bonus of speeding up magazine reloads.
Works with all the most common GBB glock brands such as Nuprol EU-series, Armourer Works and Tokyo Marui. 

  • Holds an extra magazine
  • Constructed from high impact nylon fibre polymer
  • Includes two 20mm wide weaver rails, one on each side
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatible with airsoft glock mags, even extended versions
  • Keeps firmly in place once installed 
  • Fits airsoft G17,G18, G19 & G26 from TM compatible brands such as WE, KSC, KJW, KWC, Raven EU18
  • Does not fit AEP glocks such as the Cyma CM030